Zambian Hospital Build Progress

01st February 2017

Orkidstudio, the humanitarian design charity supported by Drum Property Group, has completed the first phase of what will become the new Sachibondu Hospital, in Zambia.

The project aims to deliver a significant upgrade in facilities status with the Zambian Ministry of Health and enable the provision of better critical health support to tens of thousands of people from remote communities across Zambia, Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The original facilities at the Sachibondu Health Centre were of poor quality and limited space, meaning that the Centre struggled to cope with the increasing numbers of patients arriving each day.

The key aim in redeveloping the Centre has been to achieve an upgrade status with the Ministry of Health to a Hospital (higher level than a ‘Rural Health Centre’). With this, the Government will provide fully trained doctors, more staff and better resources, whilst the facilities themselves will be able to accommodate significantly increased patient numbers and undertake critical surgery and treatments.

Five months on from breaking ground Orkidstudio made significant progress bringing the construction to just below roof level. The project employs around 120 people across construction, brick production and site hospitality, a mix of men and women from a number of local villages.

Construction has currently been halted and the site prepared to deal with Zambia’s long and heavy wet season. In the Northwest Region where Sachibondu is located, the rains begin late October and persist until April. Work will resume in May 2017 with the start of the dry season and the team anticipate full completion by the end of August 2017.  

The Sachibondu Hospital will provide an unprecedented and invaluable quality of healthcare to thousands across this region of Zambia and the Congo and Drum is very proud to support Orkidstudio on this build and other projects throughout the world.

Further updates on future projects supported by Drum will be made available here, or please visit to find out more about the charity and the work they do.