Creation of a sustainable 20 minute neighbourhood

One of the most exciting urban expansions in Europe.

In April 2021, Drum announced it had taken a significant equity stake and management position in New Ingliston Limited. New Ingliston Ltd owns more than 200 acres of prime development land to the west of Edinburgh, adjacent to Edinburgh Airport. Drum now manages the company and will control future development activity.

The 205-acre site - formerly marketed as ‘Edinburgh 205’ and part of the planned International Business Gateway - is widely regarded as one of the most strategically important economic development areas in Scotland, presenting the opportunity to open-up the west of the Capital. 

In early December 2021, Drum launched their vision for the site, rebranding both the company and development as ‘West Town’ - proposing one of the most exciting urban expansions in Europe with a projected end value in excess of £2 billion.

The site has been highlighted by the recently published proposed local development plan, ‘City Plan 2030’ as an integral part of the vision for West Edinburgh to become a ‘vibrant, high-density mixed-use extension to the city with a focus on place-making, sustainability, connectivity and biodiversity’.

The Plan further recommends the preparation of a masterplan to drive forward a mixed-use development for up to 7000 homes, along with the commercial and community facilities required for a ‘20-minute neighbourhood’ supported by additional active travel and public transport infrastructure and services.

Drums’ proposals also align with the ambitions of the Scottish Government’s new planning framework NPF4 which was published in November 2021.

This is a once-in-a generation opportunity for Drum to deliver another significant development site that has the potential to play a fundamental role in Scotland’s economic recovery and ongoing development for decades to come.